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Despite the size and diversity of our services, our simple, effective, people focused approach never waivers.


Are you looking for a convenient, fast and efficient service to transport your general goods? Our airport to airport service combines speed, efficiency, and reliability while giving you a cost effective solution. Whatever items you need transporting. We’ve got you covered. Whether electronic goods, auto parts, ready-made garments, medicine, we have capabilities and resources to get the job done. We never compromise on quality and always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Over 90% of all the world’s trade is carried by sea – and even more in some countries. Ocean freight is the method of transporting containerized cargo loaded onto vessels by sea. As a general rule, shipments weighing more than 100kg – or consisting of multiple cartons – will be sent by sea freight. The containers are designed and built for intermodal freight transport. That means the containers can be used across various transportation modes – from ship to rail to truck – without unloading and reloading the cargo.


At AL WADI CARGO we offer a seamless, unparalleled level of service for our landside operations. We understand that the ability to store cargo and containers is crucial for our customer’s supply chain. This is why we consistently focus on warehousing and distribution. Through establishing a global network of warehouse and storage facilities, we are proud to offer a door-to-door logistics service to our customers, enabling them to move cargo anywhere in the world.


Road transport is a classic method of freight carriage and remains a versatile option today, well-suited to many needs. At AL WADI CARGO we offer all kinds of national and international road transport. Among the advantages of road transport are its speed for short and medium distances, its flexibility and door-to-door service. It doesn’t take long to get the logistics of road transport underway as they can be easily adapted to the requirements of a specific route and cargo while still offering a very competitive price.

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AL WADI CARGO LLC, was founded in 2015 with motive to OFFER PEACE OF MIND. We specialize in air, sea, export, and imports. We strongly believe that we are into communication business and transportation is part of it. Equipped with the array of services we are well prepared to accept any challenges evolved from current market trends and Endeavour to encourage your aspirations. We value time. The rules and regulations of international trade become more complex every day. It is vital that every exporter and importer sophisticated or novice, outsource these functions to experts who are experienced, informed and dedicated to the ultimate success of their business partnership.. 
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